This is the preliminary representation of the project. The design process is still going on.
Planting and surrounding area (streets, houses, etc.) have not yet been incorporated into the design.

Meeting place for everyone

Cancer is a horrible experience. Not only for the person who has it, but also for the people in their immediate environment. 'You're never ill alone...' indeed is a famous saying. This argument cannot turned around by the way: you probably feel often very alone, when you're ill.
Meanwhile, it seems that there is almost nobody anymore, who does not have to deal with cancer sooner or later. Hence: a place for everyone.

That's why I designed this place for all people with cancer, their partners, their friends, their children, their colleagues, their grandmothers, their neighbors, and so on. My inspiration comes partly from the many people in my social circle who are or were suffering from cancer. The key to finally getting started with designing was the fact that I myself finally got cancer also. The struggle against it, is continuing every day.

My symbol is the mask that is used in the irradiation of people with some types of cancer. Of course, it symbolizes all other cancers as well.
For now, you see mostly my mask on this site, but in the final monument, masks of many people will determine the atmosphere. There will not be alike. Read more about the masks here.

What is it and where will it be located?

Well, of course it is a meeting place. After that, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact description. It is a monument also, because there obviously is room for the people who succumbed to cancer. It is a place for reflection: you can contemplate for example on your loved one, alive or deceased. It is a place to go, if you the care of someone you love just is too much. It is a place to express solidarity with the people who are suffering the effects of cancer. No doubt there are more things to think of. Because walking a lemniscate shape (the reclined 8) according to many people, brings peace and sense, we have chosen that form as a symbol and we call the project Lemniscate Monument.

Where it will be build, it is not clear yet. A central location in the Netherlands - near Utrecht? Easily accessible by car and public transport. Or a central location in Europe - Brussels, for example. If sufficient donations, grants and other contributions come in, we can also replicate : construct copies in different countries of Europe and beyond. Why not London, Berlin or Washington? There are masks in abundance, so that will not hold us back.

Who is cooperating?

  • You, if all goes well (read more here).
  • Myself of course - I make the design, for which you can still send in suggestions by the way (read more here) and I build and maintain the site for the moment.
  • Furthermore, donators of all walks of life : people, companies, institutions, the state(?).
  • The clinic where I got my radiation treatment - they provide the masks (read more here).
  • Everybody who has suffered under their mask for weeks - often not even knowing they cooperate.
  • Further on hopefully future volunteers with various skills - site builders with CGI, PHP and/or Java expertise, translators, people with an extensive network of potential sponsors, etc. (read more here).

    Help   to give cancer a face also!

    This solidarity place, reflection place, this monument, work of art, this lemniscate of reflection - or whatever you want to call it - does not exist as yet. In the first place, we need you to realize it. Because apart from a few small donations and encourage contributions, there is a lot of money to be collected and a lot of work to be done, to realize it . Read here how to transfer your donation.


  • 3D Presentation

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